Diet for Adult Dogs

This is a balanced daily diet sufficient for an adult dog weighing 10 kg to provide all of the nutritional require­ments for maintenance of normal body weight.


Dry rice 357 130 gms 2/3rd cup
Meat (medium fat) 300 80 gms 1/3rd cup

Plus these following supplements to balance the diet :
Liver 139 30 gms
Vegetable Oil 900 2 gms 1 teaspoon
Calcium carbonate 2 gms 1 teaspoon
(OR Bone Meal 4 gms 2 teaspoon)
Iodinised Salt 1 gm 1/2 teaspoon


The rice, twice its volume of water, the salt and the oil are simmered at the boil for 20 minutes. Then add the ground or chopped meat, liver and calcium and simmer for an­other 10 mins.
Liver can be stored by purchasing 600gm lambs fry from the butcher, cutting into 20 cubes of approximately 30gm each, then placing each piece in an ice-cube tray and freeze to prevent any deterioration. Crack out the necessary number of 30gm cubes each time you prepare the diet.
The food is cooled before feeding. Batches may be re­frigerated for 3 or 4 days or frozen indefinitely. Warming the diet prior to feeding will increase it palatability for sick or inappetant dogs.


This maintenance diet provides about 750 kcals and con­sists of
18 % Protein
55 % Carbohydrate
27 % Fat as calculated on an ENERGY BASIS
1.4% Calcium
1.3% Phosphorus as calculated on a DRY MATTER BASIS

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